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BBC - Elizabeth Holmes: Theranos founder convicted of fraud

"Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been convicted of defrauding investors after a months-long landmark trial in California. Prosecutors said Holmes knowingly lied about technology she said could detect diseases with a few drops of blood... The firm promised it would revolutionise the healthcare industry, but its claims began to unravel in 2015 after a Wall Street Journal investigation reported that its core blood-testing technology did not work... These technical fraud cases are extremely difficult to prosecute. Jurors were asked to consider hundreds of documents and sit through evidence from dozens of witnesses... The difficulty in successfully prosecuting Holmes is reflected in the verdicts - a real mixed bag of decisions from the jury. But considering how difficult white-collar fraud cases are to prosecute, the government will be happy with what stuck... The verdict sends a clear and frank message to Silicon Valley founders - there are consequences when you say things to investors that aren't true."


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